HEMP Survey of Parties and Local Candidates in the 2019 NSW Election

The HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Party is again registered to run in the next federal election. However, HEMP is not re-registered in NSW yet, but wish to advise our members on how to cast their vote.

Since the last NSW election, the federal government has introduced legislation to provide Cannabis for medical purposes ( about 3000 people now legally have access, its very expensive and you are not allowed to drive ). Also our government has finally recognised the nutritional value of Cannabis seeds for human consumption and legalised it.

Canada has introduced a regulated market for recreational use of the herb. The state of California, after twenty years of medical use only, now have a regulated industry and home grown marijuana for recreational use. More than half of America has legal access to Cannabis now.

Would you please answer the following questions. Feel free to write as much as you like as it will be posted on hemp.org.au

1. Do you think an Australian State Government can introduce meaningful Cannabis law reforms without approval from the Federal Government?

1a. Do you think an Australian Federal Government can introduce meaningful Cannabis law reforms within the current international Drug Treaties framework?

2. Do you think sniffer dogs and saliva testing strategies unfairly target Cannabis users and have significantly contributed to Australia’s worsening drug use trends in the past decade?

3. Do you think the State Governments should unite and address Cannabis law reforms through the Australian Federal Government to achieve harmonised Cannabis laws around Australia?

4. Do you think Australians will use ‘legal medical Cannabis’ if they can get similar or better products cheaper and easier from the black market, or grow it themselves?

5. Do you think the current Australian medical Cannabis laws adequately address the needs and concerns of an increasingly significant number of Australians using illicit Cannabis everyday for medical purposes?

6. Do you think there’s any institutional corruption involved in Australia’s $5 billion plus (K Clements, Curtin) illegal Cannabis black market?

7. Do you think drug use should really be treated as a health issue?

8. Do you think the pharmaceutical industry and the police, who both have vested interests, have too much influence in maintaining the war on drugs?

9. Do you think separating Cannabis from the more harmful illegal substances and processed drugs is a sensible immediate approach for legislation?

10. How many Cannabis plants do you think adults should be allowed to grow at home for personal use?

11. Do you think medical Cannabis users should be allowed to drive cars the same as pharmaceutical users?

!2. Do you think saliva testing drivers for zero THC is severely limiting medical Cannabis use and we should be testing for impairment no matter what drugs you have or have not used?

13. Do you know someone who uses Cannabis regularly? And if so, why haven’t you reported them to the Police?

14. Have you ever spoken to the HEMP Party about their long connection, first hand experience and history of advocacy on Cannabis law reform issues?

15. Have you ever used Cannabis?

Survey sent: 11 March 2019



HEMP Survey of Parties and Local Candidates in the 2019 NSW Election

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