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Green Prohibitionist, No Wiggle Room For Cannabis

In Australia, there are a couple of million voters who use Cannabis on a regular basis. The budget for health and law enforcement will be reduced with the repeal of prohibition. Green’s Leader, Senator Richard Di Natale wants to continue Cannabis prohibition. His party “do not support the legalisation of currently illegal drugs”.

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Ice War Or Culture War?

Whoever decided the main weapon in the NSW war on ice is to be a trebling of roadside saliva testing may actually be encouraging its use. I’ve always been a big believer in forgiveness, as ‘they know not what they do’, but that’s hardly good enough in these never been seen before times when knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips.

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Pharmacofascism and the rise of the State

During the last few years there has been a dramatic reversal in the legal status of Cannabis around the world. For decades classified as an addictive substance with no medical uses Cannabis is now being applied effectively to relieve symptoms of serious diseases including epilepsy, neuropathic pain and cancer.

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Let’s Do Cannabis Better

Let’s Do Cannabis Better – Better Health, Better Nutrition, Better Policing & Better Budgets. Australia remains the only country in the world to maintain a ban on the consumption of hemp seed foods, sure there’s industrial hemp regulations, but it’s like saying you can grow ‘wheat for the chaff’.

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Implementing Medical Cannabis

In 2014, 128,000 Australian citizens will be deprived of a well-recognised medicine ‘scientifically proven’ to relive their pain. 128,000 is the number of cancer patients that the Cancer Council Australia has calculated to be affected by cancer in Australia by the end of this year.

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Senate Voting Practices

The HEMP Party totally opposes the proposal by Nick Xenophon to change the Above the Line Voting system to an ‘Optional Preferential’ method as currently used in the NSW Legislative Council elections.

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