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Marijuana HEMP Party

Terms and conditions for donations to Marijuana (HEMP) Party

  • Donations can be made online, at a bank, via post or in person. HEMP requires your name and home address because Australian political parties cannot accept anonymous donations. This is a good thing as it keeps large anonymous donors from buying elections. Donations can be made by a natural person, corporation, trust, unincorporated body or a union. The donor does not have to be on the electoral roll.

Please click on the icon to proceed to the service page.

OR: You can transfer funds from your online bank account to: hemp-72

Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Lismore Branch

Help End Marijuana Prohibition HEMP Party

BSB 062-565

Account Number 10721202


Old School Method

Post a cheque or money order to; HEMP Party PO Box 20177 Nimbin NSW 2480

You can send a message via the contact page concerning your donation.

  • HEMP Party Australian Business Number. ABN: 75 964 710 260

★ Your privacy is very important

Accordingly, we have developed policies in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information.
▷ HEMP Privacy Policies.

Marijuana (HEMP) Party

  • Registered political parties and their state or territory branches and associated entities are required to lodge an annual return with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Financial Disclosure
  • Your information is collected to assure the Australian Electoral Commission that HEMP donations are legitimate.
  • Membership is open to all people who are on the AEC electoral roll, support the aims and objectives of the Marijuana (HEMP) Party and agree to accept the rules and regulations of the Party.
  • Join the Party online with a completed form. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!
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