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There is a flyer to print and spread around promoting the HEMP Party 2016 campaign. It has Northern Territory specific voting instruction for Group B on the senate ballot paper. Please print some flyers and share the website and facebook content.
Thanks for your help.

QUAD: HEMP Party Northern Territory 2016 Campaign Flyer

Four flyers on one standard sized A4 sheet. Select ‘fit to page‘ if your printer needs to be told.


Senate Candidates

  1. Andrew KAVASILAS – HEMP
  2. Timothy JONES – Sex Party

Marijuana (HEMP) Party Secretary Andrew Kavasilas will run as head candidate on a joint ticket with Timothy Jones of the Sex Party. 

Andrew Kavasilas - Rosehill May 2016

Andrew Kavasilas – Rosehill May 2016

HEMP’s candidate boasts a strong connection to the N.T, not only because of his Kalymnian heritage, he lived in Darwin from the mid 80’s to late 90’s. He had a long association with the Darwin City Council working his way up to be acting City Prosecutor and training at the N.T. Police College.

Passionate about sports, Andrew played for many years with the fledgling Palmerston Rugby Union Club and Nightcliff Rugby League Club. Giving the ‘straight life’ away and teaching himself the art of Zen, he become a prominent woodworker at Delaney’s old building in Stuart Park.

In 1997 he moved himself and a semi load of Ironwood and African Mahogany to start another phase of his life in Nimbin. Mr Kavasilas is now poised to return with a message of hope for cannabis users and taxpayers of the Northern Territory.

Since making Nth NSW his home, Mr Kavasilas maintains his passion in woodwork but has relentlessly pursued a high profile career in hemp farming and cannabis research, including growing Australia’s only permitted high THC cannabis crop for research in 201/02.

In May 2016, his company Vitahemp/Medical Cannabis Limited become the first in Australia to publicly display live cannabis plants in a specially designed room at a Medical Cannabis Expo opened by the NSW Premier at Rosehill Racecourse in Sydney.



NOW TREATING: ADD * ADHD * aggression * alcoholism * Alzheimer’s * anorexia * anxiety * acquired brain injury * arthritis * Asperger’s * asthma * autism * cancer * child birth * Crohn’s disease * dental pain * depression * diabetes * domestic abuse * drug dependence * dysfunction * endometriosis * epilepsy * focus * fibromyalgia * glaucoma * heart disease * hepatitis C * HIV/AIDS * hopelessness * immune deficiency * inflammation * insomnia * leukaemia * libido * loneliness * lupus * Lyme’s disease * lymphoma * menstrual pain * migraine * morning sickness * multiple sclerosis * nausea * obesity * OCD * opiate addiction * osteoporosis * pain * Parkinson’s * psychosis * PTSD * spasticity * stress * Tourette’s * trigeminal neuralgia + many more.

Lance LAWRENCE for Solomon

Lance LAWRENCE for Solomon

Lance LAWRENCE for Solomon

Lance LAWRENCE intended to run as an independent in the Northern Territory seat of Solomon. Lance is a long time proponent of Cannabis law reform and is HEMP’s only Lower House candidate in 2016.

After 50 years in the Territory, bushman, horseman, poet, political activist and Aboriginal Affairs advocate Lance Lawrence has relentlessly scrutinised its political landscape, campaigning and advocating for a fairer and more righteous one.

A prolific writer and political commentator, he has written letters to the editor for over 40 years in response to core issues surrounding the unfair and unreasonable prohibition of cannabis, the ongoing mistreatment and failures of governments to adequately support and resource Indigenous people and communities of the Northern Territory, as well as many other local issues.

In standing as a House of Representatives candidate for Solomon in the Federal Election 2016, Lance hopes to provide the constituents of Solomon with an unofficial referendum.

Lance has branded the amendments to the NT’s misuse of drugs act that has banned ‘bongs’ as hypocrisy and an example of governments trying to demonise cannabis to maintain the prohibition. Lance knows there are positive outcomes from medicinal cannabis and the health properties that many people have known for decades.

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