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There is a flyer to print and spread around promoting the HEMP Party 2016 campaign. It has New South Wales specific voting instruction for Group AO on the senate ballot paper. Please print some flyers and share the website and facebook content.
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DOUBLE: HEMP Party New South Wales 2016 Campaign Flyer

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QUAD: HEMP Party New South Wales 2016 Campaign Flyer

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Marijuana HEMP Party

Dr Andrew KATELARIS, – The Pot Doctor
NSW Senate Candidate for the Marijuana (HEMP) Party.

A candid conversation between our two candidates Jason Olbourne and Dr Andrew Katelaris. It is unedited and comes entirely from the heart. It’s the exact position of our two candidates.

We only get one vote in the Senate, here we make our case for using that with us and contributing to an action plan that first tackles our health, then adds enormous benefits to a green economy based on a carbohydrate economy. That is an economy where we grow what we need (sustainable and renewable) rather than digging it out of the ground (fossil fuel and dirty).

One person. One vote. One issue. Real change.

The HEMP community exists already. Everyone is aware of it. It simply operates underground.

Those who are in it come from all walks of life. These include, but certainly are not limited to farmers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, business people, mums and dads, families of lost loved ones told by the establishment that there was no hope only to work out there was and is.

Each wears his or her heart on their sleeves proud of their place in a community with a glowing heart operating under the collective practice of believing we are all one. They do not seek fame or fortune.

They seek the ability to enter the mainstream, to do so openly and honestly.

They certainly do not wish to see corporations known as big pharma simply waltz in and stake claim on a line of “products” which will simply be sold for profits under the guise of establishment medicine.

That is by far an oversimplified approach automatically burdened by the economic theory of the vile maxim. That is old politics and bad business. It means that this burgeoning industry, falsely held back by big money interests of previous generations and the bad laws of which Harry Anslinger has a lot to answer for, never gets the opportunity to grow and discover openly with the benefits of laboratory testing of various strains grown under different conditions in all parts of our great nation.

With improved knowledge, acceptance and understanding the mainstream public will then be more open to incremental gains our movement will continue to pursue in the future. That being in both industrial and personal or recreational use. Cannabis or Hemp is an incredibly diverse sustainably grown plant that has huge nutritional value, is incredibly strong and durable and you can literally eat it, wear it and build cars and houses with it. It does not stop there. The HEMP Movement is not going anywhere.

Laws are changing in its favour globally every single day.

In Australia, we would hope that a progressive government of the day would recognise it’s huge benefits, understands its potential for abuse by inferior or imitation products and profit motives and would therefore allow these points:
– Self regulation
– amnesty on growers who come forward and register their strains do that can be measured and studies for their benefits along with strengths and weaknesses and so that they can be sold openly and tested by individuals willing and if necessary licensed.

Whilst we do not believe this is all absolutely necessary the HEMP movement is keen to put to rest any fears of misunderstandings leading to potential for abuse or injury through lack of knowledge or understanding.

Nobody deserves to be shut out of this process rather everyone needs to be included.

If Cannabis can indeed cure cancer, eliminate grand mal seizures, or ease a persons side effects of chemotherapy it certainly cannot be shunned by a legislature scrambling for credibility. In essence the HEMP movement is willing to accept and set the highest standards so long as it is respected for what it is trying to do.

And that is make everyone who would like to know that this plant is in fact a miracle of nature that has been misunderstood for way too long and given everything we know is ready for rediscovery and enjoyment in abundance under certain conditions.”

Kind regards, Jason Olbourne
Marijuana (HEMP) Party Federal Senate Candidate for NSW


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