Welcome to the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party Victoria.

HEMP Victoria is not yet registered at state level.

Dear Victorian HEMP Party Member, we will soon be applying for Registration as a Victorian State Party.

HEMP will be submitting our list of members (names and residential address’s only) to the Victorian Electoral Commission. To be successful we will need 500 members to reply in the affirmative to a snail mail inquiry from the Commission.

So when you receive that form please return it promptly to the Commissioner. If you have changed your residential address since you joined the party please forward me your new address to ensure that the inquiry finds you.

Although we now have 725 Victorian members listed we would have a greater chance of getting 500 ‘Yes’s’ if we could submit a longer list. Could you please ask a friend to join to increase our numbers. If we could submit a list of 900 or more I’m certain we would be successful. I’m confident that, if registered before the next State election,

HEMP could elect at least one member to the Victorian Upper house to sit alongside Fiona Patten and promote drug law reform in Victoria.

Please fell free to contact me regarding any Party matter.

Graham Askey 2017

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The HEMP Party is an ethical and non-discriminatory political entity, encouraging all Australians of all shapes, sizes, ideologies, spiritualities, and cultural backgrounds to join with us in lobbying for the re-legalisation of Cannabis in Australia.

The HEMP Party is a single issue ‘movement’ devoted to re-legalising Cannabis.

There are no fees payable on joining the HEMP Party.

No member of another political party registered in Australia will be considered for membership of the HEMP Party.

The HEMP Party has three layers: the Federal Executive > State Branches > Branches

Branch Manual: marijuana-hemp-party-1



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