Change of Address

This change of address form is for current HEMP Party members


All registered members are obliged to keep their electoral roll details up-to-date.

This change of address form is used to retain the same email address used for communication with the HEMP Party and the social network website if you already have a user account.

  • Change of address is the most common purpose, but you can use this form for name changes if required.
  • ALSO use this form to provide more details on your current membership if HEMP has requested.
  • Use the message box to provide any necessary information or details to help the procedure of altering HEMP Party records.
  • All details are required again so that you write the complete entry on file.

▷ Check your enrolment details

Follow the online instructions to confirm your AEC enrolment details and ensure the correct information is provided to HEMP. checked

▷ Find my electorate

Input the locality or suburb to find the name of your Federal Electorate on the AEC search page

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party


Please provide exactly the same details as are currently entered on the AEC Electoral Roll

* indicates all necessary information to send this form.
Tab key moves to the next field.
Date Of Birth

Residential Address

An exact match to your details on the electoral roll and usually matches your Driver Licence too.
Example: 710 Main Street

To help find your records

A couple of clicks will save time searching.

Numbers help confirm your identity
Area Code and eight digits only. Mobile also ten digits. No spaces or brackets.

Check the box for confirmation.

I want to change my details on record with the
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party.
I declare that all the information I have provided in this
form is true and complete.

After clicking SEND with a completed form you will be redirected to the page for State membership application forms

Your privacy is very important.

Accordingly, we have developed policies on how we collect, use, communicate and make use of personal information.
▷ HEMP Privacy Policies.

And your new State form to the HEMP Party

Paper forms are required for state level membership in some states of Australia.

Please complete the paper membership application form for your home state so that the HEMP Party can register for State Elections.

Find the links to member forms on the…

▷ State Membership Application Page

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