Marijuana Party Senate Candidate Finds Fertile Ground in WA

“The state’s marijuana users want their own representative in parliament now. The Cannabis industry has grown to become twice the size of the wine industry. It’s that big and it’s that important”. –HEMP/SEX Party Senate Candidate, Michael Balderstone, Marijuana (HEMP) Party candidate on the HEMP/SEX party joint Senate ticket in Western Australia at the upcoming election. .

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 PUP Senator Wang invites HEMP to the table

Dear Senator-elect Dio Wang, thank you for your letter inviting the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party to the Palmer United Party (PUP) Quarterly meetings.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to formally present the issues that we stand for to a federal parliamentary party. No other party has ever extended any such invitation to me personally since we were established in 1999.

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