HEMP Party on Medical Cannabis Report

The HEMP Party of Australia is grateful and cautiously optimistic about the release of the Final Report of the NSW upper house inquiry into medicinal cannabis use.

“Of course we are disappointed that the committee seeks to allow access to such a limited group of patients, but it’s a start and we have no doubt that in three years time when this initiative is reviewed it will be all positive,’ said President Michael Balderstone.

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 HEMP Party Annual General Meeting

At our Annual General Meeting at Party Headsquarters* 51 Cullen Street Nimbin on Friday the 5th of October from 6pm we will discuss HEMP Party preparations for the upcoming 2013 Federal Election. In the next few weeks the HEMP Party will call for expressions of interest from members regarding the setting of up State Branches in Qld, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT, and the Northern Territory, as well as setting up sub-branches all over Australia.

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 The HEMP Party applauds the Oakshot – Washer – Di Natale Initiative regarding the ‘War on Drugs’

The HEMP Party (Australia) today is recovering from the shock of a sudden outbreak of rationality that seemed to be sweeping the Nation’s Capital. Three Federal Parliamentarians – a Green, a Liberal, and one of the critical Independents – have called for our government to reconsider the eternal ‘war on drugs’. The President of HEMP Australia, Michael Balderstone, warmly welcomed the initiative:

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 HEMP Grows on Facebook

Find us on Facebook

The HEMP Party has created new groups on facebook.
Previous groups have relocated to new addresses and upgraded to the new facebook format. There’s a fan page and a group for the Party plus State Branches as groups.

There are many members outside the country and not yet registered members of HEMP. The groups are less formal and make an opportunity to canvass new members, especially for the State Branch groups.

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 HEMP Annual General Meeting

At our AGM, which will be held at Party Headquarters 51 Cullen Street Nimbin on Friday 26 August 2011 at 6pm, we are aiming to preselect our NSW Senate candidates for the 2013(?) Federal elections. Any members from other states who might be willing to stand up and run in their their State are invited to attend or to notify us for consideration.

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 HEMP Scratched Early

After failing to get itself registered in time for the last Federal election, cannabis law reform party HEMP has conceded it will again be late to the starting line when MPs and political wannabes line up for the March NSW State election. After months of effort, HEMP secretary Graham Askey managed to convince the Australian […]

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 I wish to join the Party

After hearing about allot of people doing Cannabis and claiming that it’s great and i should try it, and that it’s not at all addictive. I decided to research to find out why people would want to use something that would actively damage their brain. However, after sifting through research anecdotes and test results and […]

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 The writs have been returned

On 17 June 2010 the delegate determined that the party’s application had passed its initial consideration for registration and the application was advertised for public objection on 23 June 2010. The issue of writs on 19 July 2010 for the federal elections meant that no further action could be taken on this application until the […]

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 Cannot stand

Julia Gillard called the election four days before our registration could be finalised, and she did not delay the issuing of writs, so we cannot stand in the current election. Unusually, there are a couple of parties that do have policies of interest concerning cannabis. Labor well and truly backed away from any sort of […]

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