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MCUA Cries Out For Wasted Medical Cannabis

The Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) members across Australia retaliated in a backlash of vilification against police operations yesterday over their destruction of Cannabis discovered in annual search and destroy missions carried out in the Northern Rivers last week.

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Nimbins 20th MardiGrass on a roll


On the verge of the 2012 MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform Protest in Nimbin the HEMP Party (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) in Australia has announced it has 2012 members. AA significant milestone said Graeme Askey, Secretary of the Party. We have now come of age as a movement. We are now a mainstream Political Party.

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Lismore Rally for Cannabis Law Reform

MIDDAY next Tuesday 1st May at Lismore Court House.
Then we march to the Police Station and the Local Government Representatives (Janelle Saffin and Thomas George) to deliver letters asking for a PUBLIC FORUM to discuss the Australia21 Groups findings.

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Will Obama meet the HEMP Party?

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy has written to President Obama and asked him to talk to you about Medical Cannabis and the difference it has made in America where States have opened legal medical cannabis dispensaries. What a positive difference it has made in arrest rates, police and court costs, employment and in tax revenue. Its a win win win win situation!

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THE HEMP Party has made a complaint to The Australian Electoral Commission about yesterday’s police raid on its campaign headquarters. The party’s federal president and Senate candidate, Michael Balderstone, said he was outraged at the heavy handed and highly political act. The party is also complaining to the NSW Civil Liberties Council. “Here in Nimbin, […]

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Nimbin is like a poked and stirred hornet’s nest right now. Twenty eight police poured out of cars and vans and surrounding the Hemp Embassy, closing it off to the public. About two hours later they emerged, arresting one person, Dave Cannabis, and maybe they found a little pot. Shock, horror!! Pot in the Nimbin […]

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“The Nazi style sniffer dog raids in Sydney at the weekend and the ongoing police corruption inquiry are good reminders to NSW voters of just how ludicrous the war on drugs has become,” said Michael Balderstone, the HEMP party’s NSW Senate candidate. “Meanwhile we’re being led into a second global war by America against the […]

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